75-Ball Bingo

There are several types of bingo games available, and understanding how each one of them works is extremely crucial if you indent to win. The different bingo gameplay variations provide distinct winning chances and may also have specific rules set up that you should be aware off.

One of these bingo variations is 75-Ball Bingo, which is hugely popular in the US and Canada. Check below to find out everything about this entertaining bingo type.


75-Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is hugely popular in the USA and Canada, but it can be found in Europe, as well. Like its name says, the game is played with 75 balls, or better said, 75 numbers, meaning that the bingo operator or online bingo game will call out numbers from 1 to 75.

A 75 ball bingo card consists of 25 fields from which one filed is left blank, meaning the bingo card will contain 24 numbers. The 24 numbers are placed by random on each respective bingo card.

The bingo card is built to form a 5×5 grid, meaning it contains 5 rows and 5 columns. On top of the card you can see the word “BINGO” spelled, which each letter representing a column. Five numbers taken by random from 1 to 15 are assigned under column “B”, 5 from 16-30 under column “I”, 5 from 31-45 under “N”, 5 from 46-60 under column “G”, and 5 from 61-75 under “O”.

When the caller announces the drawn numbers he or she will usually shout the letter of the column associated with the individual number, like, for example, “B4”, “G52” etc. When the numbers get announced, a player needs to mark them on his or her bingo ticket.


How to Win at 75-Ball Bingo

In order to win at 75 ball bingo, a player has to discover a winning pattern on his or her bingo card formed from the numbers called out. These winning patterns are previously selected and announced by the bingo room.

75-ball bingo is popular because the game-specific bingo ticket layout gives a lot of room to form distinct winning patterns. 75 ball bingo winning patterns can be horizontal or vertical lines, specific drawings and much more. In fact, many bingo rooms have their own winning patterns developed.

75-ball bingo is also considerably faster compared to 90 ball bingo, and winning patterns can also be completed more easily. If you’re a beginner you might want to try out this variant first, but in the end, it doesn’t actually matters, since both bingo types are extremely easy to play.


75-Ball Bingo Tips

75 Ball Bingo, like any other bingo game, is a game of luck and chance, and, therefore, it’s extremely vital to remember that no matter what you do or how you play nothing will guarantee you’ll always win.

To increase your winning chances you might want to play with several 75 ball bingo cards at once. But remember to buy low-priced cards if you indent to play more, and never play with too many cards at once, since you might lose track of the game.

If you’ve played too much and lost quite a lot of money, you must know when to stop. Like previously stated, bingo is a game of chance, and it might as well just happen that in some days, you’re simply just unlucky. Better give up than lose a fortune.

Make sure you check out the bingo rules and the bingo winning pattern lists at the respective bingo room you play. As we mentioned in previous paragraphs, most bingo rooms have distinct winning patterns set up, so it’s extremely important you know about them.

We also recommend you to check out our additional bingo game guides for further tips and advices. With our help, you can become a successful bingo player even today.