80-Ball Bingo

The game 80 ball bingo is suited for those who love to play fast because this particular game is a fast paced one. A lot of people enjoy playing bingo but not everyone knows that there are different versions that one can partake in. In this article, we will discuss the strategies of 80 ball bingo.


How To Play 80 Ball Bingo

If you want to play 80 ball bingo, you have to know that playing this means your card will have 16 squares, 4 across and 4 down. This game is played on some unique cards and you can say that this is perfect for those who want something in the middle since some people find the 75 ball bingo game is not enough for them while the 90 ball is too much for them. If you prefer something in the middle, and something just right for you, then this is definitely the perfect one for you. You can compare this game to the 5 x 5 square North American 75 ball but with little differences.


So, this specific bingo game has a card that contains 5 rows of 16 columns and the numbers are divided into four groups of various colors, at 20 number intervals:
• Red – 1-20
• Yellow – 21-40
• Blue – 41-59
• Silver – 60-80
The winning patterns for the 80 ball bingo are the following:
• Diagonal Line
• 80 Full Card
• Horizontal Line
• Vertical Line
• Big X
• Four Corners
• Center Square