90-Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is popular mainly in the UK and Australia, but it’s gradually becoming accepted and played in all parts of the world. The gameplay is somewhat slower and consumes more time than 75 Ball Bingo, but this fact is compensated by the excitement and fabulous winnings this bingo type offers.

Even if, you aren’t from the UK or Canada, it’s recommended you learn to play 90 Ball Bingo, since, like explained it’s fast becoming one of the mostly played bingo games on the planet. Check out this article and find out everything about 90 Ball Bingo.


How to Play 90-Ball Bingo

The main difference between 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo is that the bingo tickets are arranged in an entirely different fashion. In 90-ball bingo, a bingo ticket contains three rows and nine columns, amounting to a total 27 fields and 15 numbers. Each row contains 5 numbers and 4 spaces are left blank.

The 15 numbers placed on the bingo ticket are selected by random. After each player has purchased his or her bingo tickets, the bingo room operator, or online bingo software will draw out the numbers from 1 to 90 in a random fashion.

Each time a number gets called out that is also marked on a 90 ball bingo ticket of a player the player in question will have to mark that number on his or her bingo ticket. If a winning pattern will be formed out of the numbers, then the player will win.


90-Ball Bingo Winning Patterns

Like we explained above, in order to win at 90 Ball Bingo one must discover a winning pattern formed from the called out numbers that are also found on the player’s ticket. The other significant difference between 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo is the winning pattern structure. Read below.

While 75-ball bingo gives a large room to create distinct winning patterns because of the 5×5 layout of the ticket, in 90-ball bingo there are only three winning patterns.

One-line Bingo Pattern – One of the ways to win at 90 ball bingo is to cover all numbers on any of the lines of your bingo tickets. If you achieve this and are playing in a land-based bingo room, you must shout “Bingo” to claim your prize. In some instances, a jackpot may be attached to your winnings.

Two-line Bingo Pattern – This variant works the same way as the one-line pattern, only that you have to cover all the numbers placed on two of the three lines. Just be aware that before discovering a two-line pattern you will first discover a one-line pattern, so you must decide if you want to continue playing, or just claim your winning for the one-line pattern.

Full House – Full House means covering each one of the numbers placed on your bingo ticket. This offers the biggest payouts and the best jackpots.


90 Ball Bingo Tips

One of the best ways to improve your winning chances in 90 Ball Bingo is to play when only a few people are present in a given bingo room. This is because the less people play, the more chances will you have to win. This trick works the best online, since you can play whenever you want.

You should play with relatively low-priced bingo cards, so that you can enjoy the game more. But besides the enjoyment, more games will also mean better winning chances. You should only play with higher-priced cards once you’ve built a nice bankroll.

A good way to increase your winning chances in a bingo game is to buy more than just one card for the respective game. But remember that if you buy too many cards, it can happen you lose track of the numbers called out.

Participate in bingo chat, both in the online or land-based variant of the game. Bingo is fun because you can talk with other people about all kinds of subjects imaginable. In online bingo, you can even chat with people from all around the world.

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