Binary options vs Sports betting

If you are reading our site, you are most probably interested in trading binary options. Well, many people would agree that binary options are such a form of trading that is the closest to gambling in its nature. Having said this, it is clear that unlike regular or bitcoin gambling, binary options trading entails quite some overview of the financial markets and their in depth analysis. In this article we are going to examine the main differences between those 2 types of activities and highlight which one is you should consider as the main source of your additional income.

Features of Binary Options

In simple terms, when buying a binary option you are making a bet that a certain currency or any type of other asset will either increase or decrease in its value. The payouts usually range between 60% and 80%, while you are risking to lose a full size of your bet. Unlike bitcoin gambling, with binary options you are less likely rely on the pure nature of luck, to be successful in the financial market you are required to strongly analyse the charts from both technical and fundamental perspectives.

If you have some financial background and analytical mind set, this can certainly be a profitable activity for you. As long as you are able to predict the upcoming market moves, one winning bet can nearly double your capital.

Features of Sports Betting

The main difference between binary options and sports betting is seen in the payouts. While with binaries and bets you are risking the full size of your bet, sports betting can often provide you with a higher certainty, and, consequently lower payouts or with higher payouts that come with more risk. In other words, you can often bet on an extremely strong team that is unlikely to lose the match, but generate only 10% from this bet. Alternatively, you can take some high risks and bet on a weaker team or a player, but this can results in generating a return that is 10 times higher or even more than the size of your bet. With Bitcoin sports betting the logic is the same – the only difference is that you deposit Bitcoins instead of the traditional currencies.

What to go for?

Both of the activities can be profitable. In general, as long as you are able to dedicate enough time and patience to binary options trading, bitcoin gambling, sports betting or anything similar – you will be able to succeed. The main idea is that you have a full overview of an activity that you do. If you decide to go for a sports betting – make sure that you are not placing the bets blindly, but have a crystal clear view on the team’s roster, its past performance and so on. Should you be interested in binary options – it is vital to follow the market and develop your own strategy.

If you are tired of analyzing, it is always an option to just get some thrills with gambling. This is where bitcoin gambling comes handy, as it provides you with a great degree of anonymity, and this way, your gambling will not be reflected in the credit history.