Getting Started with Online Bingo

Don’t worry if you want to start playing Bingo online, but aren’t the biggest computer geek in the world – It is easy to play bingo online and at this site we will guide you to a quick and safe start. Just follow these simple advice and you will soon be among lots of new friends – and money)

  1. Choose a Bingo Site. The first thing you have to do is to find out where on the internet you want to play. There are many different Bingo sites that all offers something special and attracts different types of people. We recommend you to play at some of the bingo rooms we have listed – we have spend a lot of time checking out the quality and reliability of different Bingo sites and listed the five best places. This means you won’t have to waste a lot of time reading their terms and conditions – and more important: You don’t have to waste a lot of money playing at unfair bingo sites.
  2. Some Bingo sites require you to download their software to your browser before getting started. Click at ‘download software’ on their page and install it step by step and you will soon be ready to play bingo online games.
  3. Create a profile/sign up with your name, address etc. At some Bingo sites you will receive a welcome bonus immediately after signing up. That means you can start playing without spending your own money.
  4. Deposit money. After signing up you have to go to the cashier to deposit the amount of money you wish to play for so you can get your desired amount of cards and start playing. Have your credit card ready or use your Neteller account here.
  5. Choose a Bingo Hall. There are different types
  • Practice Bingo Room. This type of room creates a setting for you to practice bingo for free. Usually it’s private so you can’t chat to others when you are in here. Not all Bingo sites offer this practice service, but for beginners it a good place to start.
  • Main Bingo Hall. In here you play for real money and there will usually be other players in here. While waiting for your numbers to be drawn it is very popular to socialize with the other players and join the ongoing extra games in the chat forum. Should you be bored you are likely to find various types of slot-machines, poker- machines etc. available at the site.
  • Tournament Hall. Most bingo sites offer its players the possibility to join different tournaments. These will often give you the chance of winning BIG time, but there are many players in here so competition is fierce.

Now you are ready to play bingo online, but since there is much more to online bingo than just the game we will shortly mention a few things that are good to know before you enter the rooms.



By using the Auto-dauber you practically have to do nothing at all, since the computer will automatically mark your numbers. In most bingo halls it will also call out “Bingo!” for you if you are the lucky one (but please check if it is necessary for you to press the bingo button yourself!).

It is a good idea to use the Auto-dauber, so you don’t have to stress during the game, and it enables you to use a lot of cards in one game. As a fun feature you can personalize your Auto-dauber to use different colors or animations.



Usually you have to get a row or a full plate in order to get bingo, but at some sites other funny patters are used as well. If this is the case you will see a figure which illustrates the pattern you have to get in the top of the screen. You can also see the pattern on you cards where some numbers are darker than others.



You can choose among different callers – some might prefer a sexy lady voice others a sweet man. You can also choose to accompany you caller by different sorts of background music.


Auto Sort

When you have lots of cards and can’t see all of them on the screen, it can be a good idea to use the auto sort function. This function enables you to see the cards that are closest to a Bingo.


Extra games

While playing Bingo you can also play different games like video poker and slot machines in small windows on the same screen. Please pay attention to the fact that these games might have different wagers and regulations.


The chat forum

Finally you should use the chat forum when you are online. First of all it is a great place for socializing and making new friends. Second, the chat manager (who represents the casino) and other players are usually very helpful towards newcomers, so they can help you if you have any questions. Third, there are also lots of extra winnings to pick up in here where the chat manager will present some different kinds of extra game (for example the first 3 players who yell ’me 3!’ in the chat forum when number 3 is drawn will win extra money).