Have you wanted to sign up with an online casino for a long time, but always thought that it seemed way too complicated? Even though many people feel that way, it is, in fact, a common misconception. We have made it our mission to create a casino guide, which will help you gain access to all the important information. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a PC, Mac, or even an iPhone, iPad or any other cutting edge device of your choice, we have compiled all the key points you need to know about. So rather than dreading a lengthy research process, consult our online casino guide and you will be playing your favorite games in the casino most suited for you in no time. These are the things our detailed casino guide will help you with:

  • Which online casino is best suited for you, considering your individual gaming needs
  • Where can you get the biggest deposit bonus in order to get the most value out of your money
  • Guides to properly download casino software on your devices
  • How to best figure out the ins and outs of casino software
  • Using the best payment methods for your needs, so deposits are made easy
  • Which casinos offer your favorite games consistently, no matter what time of the day or night it is.


How to Choose an Online Casino

Thanks to modern computer technology, which doesn’t just create the artwork, but also allows for thousands of people to connect at the same time, we are now able to play any casino game at an online casino. Online casinos have been evolving since the 1990s and offer the convenience of playing casino games anywhere at any time. Nowadays, there are thousands of online casinos worldwide that have the license to operate under a specific country’s jurisdiction. However, not all of them have all the necessary attributes an online casino should have, in order to offer the entertainment and the thrilling experience that a player is looking for when choosing an online casino.

When we built MyCasinoRoom we searched far and wide for a casino that we felt had all the best attributes. We chose All Slots because it consistently outscored competitors in all the categories below.

We firmly believe that All Slots is among a handful of elite online casinos that outperform the market in all respects.

These were the categories at the basis of our evaluation:

  • Registration Protection– For obvious reasons anyone who accesses an online casino is first and foremost concerned about security. This is why the casinos we feature on our site are not only safe, but their registration processes are quick and easy.
  • Money Transfer Choices– In the last few years it has become increasingly harder to deposit money into an online casino account. Since this is one of the biggest complaints of avid players, we have applied the toughest criteria to our selections. These casinos will accept all kinds of deposits, no matter whether it is credit cards, wire transfers, Neteller, or other options.
  • How Fast You Can Get Your Money Out– Winning big money is great, but it is rather useless if it takes ages to actually get that money paid out. Because we are casino experts, we are aware of the importance of quick payout times. That’s why all of the 2013 casinos which have our backing, will pay your money out in no time. You will be surprised by how easy it is to cash in your winnings.
  • Great Software– In order to get an authentic casino experience the software quality is of the utmost importance. Its design and usability will determine the navigation process. Particularly for players who are not seasoned veterans, a good online casino software will determine whether or not players will enjoy their time playing their favourite games.
  • Game Selection– Even if an online casino has great software, players will always emphasize the importance of being able to choose from a variety of different games. Therefore, our experts have only selected casinos which will provide you with a vast selection to pick from. No matter whether you like playing table games, love the challenge of slots, or have a knack for video poker, our 2013 picks will be able to satisfy your wishes. The newest online casino sites have even managed to create a variety of over 500 different games.
  • Customer Support– Whenever you need help with you gambling experience, you can be sure to receive help around the clock. Customer care will be provided any time players need it.
  • Jurisdiction– Even though players often do not think about a casino’s licensing jurisdiction, it is an important point to factor into your internet gambling choice. A casino’s jurisdiction does not imply a casino’s actual location, but rather the country or territory which enforces its laws upon the casino. Some jurisdictions provide much more player protection than others.
  • Auditing– Independent auditors are another tool to ensure online casino players are not being taken advantage of. Independent auditors are third party institutions, which ensure fairness by reviewing randomization of winnings and wager to payment ratios.

For a safe and enjoyable online gambling experience, any casino that you choose should fulfill all of these outlined requirements. Apart from a more fun filled time, it will also provide you with peace of mind concerning the fairness and protection of your monetary investments.


Installing Online Casino Software

Many people still fear that online casinos are not a good substitute for brick and mortar ones. They fear that with all the different games a casino is supposed to offer, such as slots, roulette, and blackjack only to name a few, there would be no way all these bytes of software could possibly fit onto their computer. Fortunately, that’s not true at all.

Usually there are two ways to enjoy all the benefits of an online casino. Games can be played as instant play versions or the software can be downloaded onto your PC (Macs usually only support the Flash player options). Here is what to do in either case:

  • Casino Guide for Download version (Windows Users)
  • Casino Guide for Instant Play/Mac

You don’t have to be a computer genius to be able to install casino software onto your computer, the download is usually simple and intuitive. To make sure that you get all the steps right, just follow our detailed instructions and you will be ready to play in no time.

Casino guide for download version

  • Choose your Online Casino

We have done the hard work, as you will see throughout our site. All Slots Casino offers everything we believe a casino player should be looking for, and more.

Just click on any link to All Slots Casino here at MyCasinoRoom.com to visit their website.

  • Get Ready to Download

Since the link will already refer you to the online casino website, you save the time it would take to tediously spell out a URL in another window. The way we have linked to the internet casinos completely eliminates that step. In addition to that, you get to take advantage of a bonus which can only be received through connecting with the casino on our website.

To give you a better idea of the installation process, here is an example of how this works at our host casino. Though the details can differ from site to site, the fundamentals will always stay the same. As soon as you are on the casino’s site, there should be an option to click (most of the time in the form of a button) saying “Play Now”. Some casinos might use words like “Download” or “Register” but the principle always stays the same.

Alternatively you can shortcut this proves and activate the download immediately: Click here to Download the Casino Now.

  • Security Warning

Once you have initiated the download, Windows will prompt a security warning in a pop up window. This is a normal procedure, which happens every time you install something on your computer. Most likely you have seen this warning in the past asking you for permission. The great thing about using our links is that you can be sure of its security and don’t have to hesitate to click “Yes”.

Sometimes you won’t have the option of running the file right from the window. In this case you can just choose to “Save” it. Afterwards you will be able to access this file from the “Downloads” folder on your computer.

  • The Download

Most casinos have streamlined this part of the process recently. You will; be presented with a window that prompts you to install the casino. When you select this option, the download will start but you will have the opportunity to register an account while this is a happening.

Rest assured that the software is completely safe and secure and will not harm your computer.

  • Installation

As you will see, you have the opportunity to register with the casino while the download and installation process takes place. You can be assured that the software being downloaded is safe and secure.

Once this process is complete you will see a message “Installation Complete” at the bottom od the window and the status bar will have reached the right of the window.

At this point you can register a new player account, which you can read more about in Chapter 4.

We hope to have illustrated the simplicity of an online casino download on your computer. Now nothing will keep you from accessing the reputable and safe casinos that we have selected for you anymore.


Casino guide for instant play/mac

If you do not want to download software on your computer, or if you are the proud owner of a Mac, there is another option to take advantage of the online casino fun. Usually casinos offer instant play access to popular game like blackjack, roulette, slots and poker only to name a few. Here’s a detailed guide on how to make it happen.

  • Choose “Play Now”

We have done the hard work, as you will see throughout our site. All Slots Casino offers everything we believe a casino player should be looking for, and more.

Just click on any link to All Slots Casino here at MyCasinoRoom.com.com to visit their website.

Many online casinos have the option to access their games through instant play. They run perfectly on a Mac or in a Web browser like Internet Explorer on your Windows PC.

  • Click on “Instant Play”

Once you are referred to the casino website, you should be presented with a link called “Instant Play”. In some cases “Flash Casino” is used to represent that feature. Many casinos use a button to draw attention to this feature, but sometimes there will be a hyperlink labelled “Flash Casino”, which will provide you with the same option. Once you find the button or link, it will give the option to play games without downloading software.

If you are using a Mac, chances are that the casino website will only ever present you with the flash casino version. These websites are coded in a way to make access as easy as possible. And even if you are using a PC there will be no problems for you to access the no download version.

In the case of our Host Casino, you can click on any one of the games listed on the site, or the “Register Now” button to start playing.

  • Wait for the instant casino to load

If you have chosen the no download option, you will be presented with a loading screen. Naturally, this screen doesn’t look the same for each and every casino, but it always indicates that you are on your way to gain access to the flash casino.

The loading time will largely depend on the speed of your internet connection, but won’t usually present you with a long waiting time.

  • Have Some Fun!

As soon as the flash casino page has loaded, you can start playing by logging into your account. If you haven’t done that yet, you can just create a new account to get access to your favorite games. Use the menu to pick a game type and click on “Real Play” to play the game for real money.

Registration will enable you to get to the games you want to play by going through the casino’s lobby. Just click on the game you want to play and you will have the opportunity to win big in no time.


Playing with an online casino bonus

One of the great advantages of online casinos over real life casinos, is that almost all the online casinos out there offer great bonuses to people who choose to play on their website. These bonuses can be a great way to supplement your investments and have the potential to increase your chances of winning. There are different ways to acquire bonuses. Most casinos offer bonuses when you sign up, which means they will match a certain percentage of the money that you are depositing into your player’s account. Players will also be rewarded for ongoing loyalty or for referring a friend to a particular online casino website. If you choose carefully, you will also find casinos that won’t require for you to deposit any money in order to receive a bonus.

  • So why do online casinos offer bonuses?

Online casinos started to offer casino bonuses to motivate new players to try out their casino games without risking too much of their own money. Casino bonuses have become very popular and now players will find different types of bonuses besides the traditional welcome bonus.

  • The good and bad of bonuses

As with all things, you have to make sure that you always use your best judgment. For one thing, you have to know what your financial limits are and always stay within them. Sometimes you will have to make a certain amount of wagers in order to be able to take advantage of a bonus. If you are on a losing streak, your account may be depleted quickly and you will have to make more deposits in order to achieve the requested wager number. Make sure that you don’t overstretch your budget, just to be able to get that bonus. The same goes for welcome bonuses, if you can only afford to deposit a certain amount of money, do not overspend just because the casino will match your first three deposits. Lastly, it is very important to only deal with reputable casinos.

Naturally there are always terms and condition linked to bonuses.

This is to ensure that players don’t just open accounts, deposit money, get the bonus and then cash out, as this would lead to huge losses for the casinos. Terms and conditions outline the conditions under which you will be eligible to actually receive the bonus. They outline, for example, that if you are trying to receive the “New Player Bonus” you cannot have another registered account. Usually they also outline the wagering requirements, for example you have to wager at least x25 you deposit in order to collect. Sometimes there are also games that have additional wagering requirements (often those are Blackjack and Roulette).

  • When to cash out?

It is a natural reaction that as soon as you have won a bet, you want to cash out on some of your winnings. However, it’s usually not just as easy as that. Through the terms and conditions you have agreed to the rollover requirements, before you cash out any winnings. That means that you have to wager your original deposit a certain amount of times before you can cash out. It is best to be conscious of these numbers, so that you won’t be disappointed with your casino experience.

  • When in doubt?

Should you have questions or worries, particularly concerning the status of your money, it is always best to stop playing and contact the casino. Almost all casinos have excellent customer support service, which is available 24/7. They will be able to assist you with any problems and make sure you have the most enjoyable casino experience possible.


How to Create an Account

In order to play all those exciting games, you have to create an account. This process is important to the casinos for legal reasons. Since not everyone would be granted access to a brick and mortar casino, the creation of your personal account can in a way be likened to a standard ID check. Coincidentally it is just as easy as pulling your passport out of your pocket.

  • Create an account

The log in screen will prompt you to provide your account information or give you the option to create a new one. Once you have chosen to create a new account, the software will walk you through the process of providing the casino with all the required information, as can be seen below.

Let us revisit the window you were presented with during the download process:

  • Email

In order to complete your account creation properly, it is important that you enter an email address that you are accustomed to using. Nowadays, having multiple email accounts is almost necessary, since certain things should be kept separate from each other. However, most casino registrations will ask you to confirm your account by clicking on a link that was sent to the provided email address. This will create a problem if you do not remember how to sign into your email account, or if you have forgotten your password.

  • Password

When choosing a password for your online casino account, put in the extra effort to ensure the safety of your account and your winnings. There are a two rules that should always be followed:

  •         Make sure that you choose a password that you will remember easily.
  •         Ensure that it would be hard for anyone else to guess what your password is.

Usually, the strongest passwords are a combination of letters and numbers. Using your first name, last name, or even your birth date is generally a bad idea, since this information is easily found out. If you are unsure of the strength of your password, check if the software provides you with a tool that will tell you. Many online casinos have this feature nowadays.

  • Confirm Password

This is a common feature, which was implemented in order to prevent you from misspelling your password. Almost every account that you create will ask you to retype your password, not just online casinos.

  • Telephone

Don’t worry, online casinos won’t call you up for a random chat or to annoy you at dinner time like telemarketers do. This piece of information is required to confirm your identity, should a problem with your account arise. Identity confirmation is one of the most important issues for an online casino, since they have to ensure the safety of your winnings and personal information.

  • Mobile Phone

This is an important feature just in case your other phone number gets disconnected or changed for some reason. Since MyCasinoRoom.com has spent a lot of time to ensure the reputation of our host casino, you don’t have to be worried about harassment in the form of spam texts or annoying marketing calls.

  • Date of Birth

Just like any other real life casino, online casinos have to make sure that you are of legal gambling age. In order to gain access to the games, your date of birth will be double checked, to make sure that no laws are broken. The software won’t allow for any accounts to be created if its user does not fulfil the criteria of legal gambling.

  • Currency

One of the biggest advantages of online casinos is that they can be accessed from all over the world. But this also means that there are players of all different kinds of nationalities trying to beat the odds. In order for the casino to know how you would like to conduct your transactions (like deposits and withdrawals), it is important for you to choose the currency you would like to deal in.

  • Language

As previously mentioned, online casinos are truly multi-cultural. In order to ensure that all correspondence with the casino is in a language that you are comfortable with, you will have to tell them which language you want that to be. Most of our casino recommendations offer a large variety of different languages.

  • Personal Information

There is one thing that you can always be sure of, any personal information that you provide an online casino with will never get passed on to a third party. However, it is very important for casinos to be able to verify your identity, hence the request for personal information like name, address, gender and so forth.

  • Legal Age and T&C

There are two last important steps before you can complete your online casino account. Agreeing to the casino’s licensing agreement and the confirmation that you have reached the legal gambling age. Some casinos combine the two steps into one, while others will make you click on two separate links. As any other document that you sign (agreeing to it is like signing it), you should make sure you have read and understood the content before doing so.

  • Login

Now that you have successfully created an account, you are ready to log in with your newly created user name and password. In some instances the completion of the account will automatically give you full member access without having to log in first.


Normally, the account creation process will enable you to pick a user name and password of your choice. However, some casinos have eliminated this process by assigning random user names and passwords. While these are usually more secure, they are in most cases harder to remember. But don’t worry, if you would like to change them, you can do so at any time.

As soon as the account creation is complete, the real fun can begin. Login in will usually require you to provide your user name and password, though in some cases this information will already be copied over from your account creation forms. Now you can decide if you would like to play for real money (and real winnings) right away, or if you would like to practise first. The site will provide you with links for both choices. Not every casino has named these links the same way, but their indications are usually pretty obvious such as “Real Money” – “Practice Play” or “Play for Real” – “Play for Fun”. These options will either connect you to a free version of the game, where wagers and winning will be play money, or enable you to access the cashier in order to make a deposit.


Making a deposit at an online casino

If you have decided to play for real money, it is now time to make a deposit onto your casino account, which you have most likely already created. Should you not have done so yet, reference the above section for detailed instructions.

  • Open the Cashier Page

Every casino has a button that will lead you to the page where you can make a deposit. However, not every casino calls it the same thing, so you should look out for a button called “Cashier”, “Bank”, or “Banking”. Sometimes online casinos will even indicate the deposit part of their website by putting a dollar symbol on their links, so you will be sure not to miss it.

To make depositing even easier, it is very common to be able to access the cashier page from anywhere in the casino. Like this you even have the option of accessing the bank while you are wagering your money.

Your Real Money Balance

Sometimes you will run out of chips, also known as available credits or money. In this case, the casino will alert you of this fact with a pop-up window. This can easily be fixed by letting the casino know that you would like to buy some more credits, just click on the button that will let you make another deposit.

Usually casinos make it easy for you to keep track of your real money balance. Just check the bottom corners of your screen, this is where the available amount should be displayed at all times

  • The Bank

In case you want to buy more credits or replenish a depleted casino account, you will access the bank page by clicking on the respective link. This will most likely direct you to a page where you deposit options are displayed. Sometimes there is a long list of options provided, just scroll through the page to choose the option best suited for you.

Even though most casino have an extensive list of offered depositing options, not all of the might be available to you, due to the legislation of the country you’re accessing the page from. The software will prevent you from depositing money into your account with an unapproved method.

Our host casino offers a vast array of deposit methods including credit cards, instant bank transfers and electronic wallets. They will customised the methods on offer according to your location.

All you need to do now is to decide which method would be best for you and subsequently click on the button next to it. This will initiate the depositing process.

  • Deposit Money

After you have chosen a method, you will be taken to a new screen, which will guide you through filling out all the required details. We are going to walk you through the details as if we were going to deposit money with a credit card.

In our example, we have chosen to use our Neteller account. Once we have entered our Neteller account number and secured, as well as the amount to be deposited, we received a confirmation message as shown in the image.

The information you need to fill out will of course depend on the method you choose.

The process may look slightly different at other casinos, but we like to simple two-stage. process at All Slots Casino.


As you can see, depositing money is quick and easy and not hard to learn at all. As soon as you have entered all your details and reconfirmed them it will take a moment for your money to be cleared, but after that you will be able to enjoy real money games right away.

If you are one of these people who would rather use a depositing method like an eCheck, you might be worried that the money will take a long time for you to access. However, generally that won’t be the case and you will be able to enjoy real money play before your money has technically cleared. However, until your deposit has cleared you won’t be able to cash out the money you have won.

Since we only recommend top notch online casinos on MyCasinoRoom, you will be able to access 24/7 customer support services. Should you have any trouble with the deposit method of your choice, there are many ways to get in touch with help.


Using the Casino Software

Like real life, the online casino world offers us many different styles and types when it comes to the design of their software. But don’t worry; if you adhere to our recommendations, finding the real money games best suited for you will be easy and convenient.

  • Home

The first thing you will encounter when you log into the casino software, is the lobby. It is almost like the lobby of a brick and mortar casino, but it has one distinct advantage over the old style casino lobbies: you will be able to gain an overview over all the offered games at one glance. No matter whether it’s slots, poker, or blackjack that you are looking for, the home screen will have links to connect you to all of them. On top of that, you will also be able to access other important places like the promotion and loyalties part of the site.

If you have decided to play at Spin Palace for example, you will be able to see a list of all the most popular games by simply dragging your mouse over the game section of the screen.

As mentioned before, every casino will have a slightly different composition of links on their home screen. However, there are some links that just won’t be missing from any page, such as links to the games, your account, the cashier, customer support and of course the newest promotions and loyalty programs.

  • Games

It is one of the great advantages of online casinos that they are able to offer a great variety of games to their players. If you want to explore new games, or just see how many different ones there are, the “Games” tab will present you with a list of all available games. Usually they are grouped in categories, which makes for easier navigation, particularly if you are new to the online casino world. Some of the different categories will include Slots, Table Games and Video Poker as well as many others.

Some games might have additional option, which will usually be presented to when you click on them. Usually those are some additional varieties of the same game

  • Game Installation

When you downloaded the casino initially, most popular and new games were included. Occasionally you will come across a game that has not been installed. The download process for an individual game is pretty quick, even on slow internet connections.

The software also uses intelligent downloading in the background, which will ensure that the latest games are always available.

Game downloads are permanent, i.e. you do not have to download again the next time you play the game.

  • Let the Fun Begin

Once you have completed all of these steps, playing your favorite game is as easy as double clicking on the game, no matter which game that is. It will start and you will have such a great time, you won’t even notice that you are not in a real life casino.

Similarly to starting a game, leaving a game is really easy. Just click on the respective button (some casinos will call it “Exit” while some others will call it “Close”) and the game that you are currently playing will close. Any money that you have won will automatically be saved in your account. If you are trying to exit a game while you are betting, the software will double check if you really want to leave, in order to omit accidental losses.