Progressive Slots

How Progressive Slots Work

A progressive slot machine is one where a certain percentage of what each player bets is pooled into a huge jackpot that keeps growing until someone hits it. The jackpot is extremely hard to hit as it usually involves getting five identical symbols on the exact same payline.

Winnings can start around five figures but can easily reach six and seven. The chance of hitting a massive payout that is accumulated from all of the same machines played by bettors from around the globe is about as tempting as it gets.


Regular or Progressive Slots

Like any other casino game there is, Slot machines are made to offer variety. Even when the concept and the principle of the game is made quite simply, there is no reason for any player to get bored. With the surge of modern technology, every bit of the game was dressed up to offer a different brand of fun every single time.

Basically, Slot machines are classified into two: the regular and the progressive types. The two differ according to how the game is played.

With regular Slot machines, you get a predetermined amount by hitting a specific combination. If you hit bananas three in a row, you get a specific amount according to the number of coins that you placed as a wager. The prize that you get with every winning spin is the same every time when you are playing on a regular Slot machine.

With progressive Slot machines, the excitement was elevated levels higher. This is because, the jackpot prize balloons with each bet. This means that a $100 to $1 jackpot grows by a percentage every time that it is not won. The key to getting the prize higher and more irresistible is to keep playing. By continuously feeding the machine with coins, you will be able to take a chance at getting a bigger jackpot prize.

Choosing one between a regular or progressive Slot machine can be pretty challenging. That is because both games offer a set of advantages and disadvantages in equal amounts. What will make all the difference is probably just a player’s instinct.

If you are a player who is always looking for an assurance not to use up your bank credits with just one night at the casino, you are mostly applicable to play regular Slots game. This way, you can easily withdraw any time that you wish. There will be no strings to bind you with he machine. If you are a daring player who is always prepared to win or lose big, you are very much applicable to try the progressive jackpot at progressive Slot machines. Given that the jackpot grows with every wager, you will find it hard to withdraw from the game, especially since the excitement escalates with every spin!

In the end, it is up a player’s guts. Whether you choose a regular or progressive Slot machine, one thing is for sure. That is you are ensured with a pretty exciting, entertaining, and challenging game every time!


Progressive Slots Tips

The excitement of progressive slot machines is undeniable. As far as tips go, you want to first follow the basic ones listed above. But progressive slot machines, which many bettors feel are the best, call for special care and techniques. Here are some tips from Best Slot Machines.

First, you should only play a progressive if you can afford to wager the maximum on every spin. That’s because you can’t qualify for the big payout unless you bet the max.

Prior to playing any progressive perform the necessary research to see which machines payout the most in terms of overall payouts, regular jackpots and progressive jackpots.

If your point is to win the largest progressive possible, then play the machine with the biggest progressive. If that’s won, then switch to the next machine that has the biggest.

When playing a progressive you should play through until you’ve used all of your credits. Use up any credits you’ve won in the session. This advice is based on the premise that you are playing to win the progressive jackpot. Thus, in each session you want to play as much as you can and go for broke.

If the machine has a bonus round be sure to forego the double up option. The double up feature is really a double or nothing side bet where you have the chance to double the credits you’ve won in the bonus round. This is a bad bet. You’re better off taking the credits you’ve won in the bonus round and applying them to your attempt to win the progressive.

Create a progressive budget and use that cash only for progressives. Try to play as often as possible. It may be once a week, twice a week or more. The point is to get in as many spins as possible before the huge jackpot is won. You’re trying to be the one who makes the spin that results in a progressive payout.

Realize that your chances of winning a progressive are extremely slim. It does not mean that you should not play progressives, but it does mean that you should not stress out your budget, get consumed with trying to win or jeopardize any other aspect of your life, job or relationships by playing a progressive slot machine.


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